Client: An early stage Startup based in USA

Industry: Media

Situation: A Startup founded by video professionals wanted to develop a cloud based platform for video distribution and analytics.

Problem: The founders had limited knowledge of software technologies and product life cycle, they wanted a partner who can help them right from the ideation stage and be with them while they launch the product and make it a success.

Solution: Adeptus helped them to convert their concept into a concrete design, assisted in formulating product and technology roadmap, and has been guiding their product design and development efforts.

  • Concept to Design: Adeptus understood the business problem this company wanted to solve, assisted in brainstorming solution alternatives and finalizing an approach, helped visualize the solution through UX/UI designs, and captured the requirements as a product roadmap and requirements specification.
  • Technology Strategy: Adeptus then helped in formulating a technology strategy and recommended a solution scenario. The strategy document discussed various aspects in detail, like – market and competition landscape, solution alternatives with pros and cons of each approach, technology options and selection criteria, required skills, organizational readiness, and relevant case studies.
  • Architecture & Design: Our Architects prepared a detailed Architecture of how the product needs to be built based on the recommended solution scenario. They suggested right technologies, frameworks, development and deployment environments, and development and testing methodologies.

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