Client: A Global Enterprise Headquartered in USA

Industry: Hi-tech

Situation:  Multiple learning and content management systems were acquired/implemented over time to address the training needs. All employees and partners use existing intranet portal as their primary channel to access organizational resources.

Problem:  Simplify discovery of learning content from disparate internal and external systems, deliver it when needed (on-the-job) in an easy and personalized way, and leverage social aspects to enrich the learning experience.

Solution: Adeptus proposed an innovative solution that combined personalization, gamification, analytics, peer learning and collaboration. The solution offered a simple and intuitive interface to greatly improve learner engagement and performance.

  • Advised to build a new wrapper application using existing portal to seamlessly integrate relevant existing systems into a single intuitive interface.
  • Simplified overall content presentation and discovery of diverse learning objects. Provided personalized learning paths and recommendations based on different roles of users, their needs at that point in time, and analytical data collected by the system.
  • Enabled social features and gamification through badges and leader boards.

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