How Micro Learning is Fuelling Upskilling Initiatives

An uncertain business climate coupled with challenges of remote working, virtual meetings, and The Great Resignation has forced businesses to rethink their internal strategies regarding employee-employer relations. Finding the best talent and retaining existing or high potential employees is now crucial for businesses looking to keep pace in a highly competitive and ever-changing world. Upskilling [...]

Why Social Learning is Critical for the Workforce of Tomorrow

Learning can be imbibed in many forms and through a variety of experiences and interactions besides simple classroom teaching. Interaction with peers and colleagues via casual break room chats as well as mentoring and experience-sharing can also impact our learning behaviors. In fact, a “70-20-10” learning model devised by researchers in 1996 suggests that: 70% [...]

Why Enterprises Need a Clear Mobile Strategy

Mobile Apps go deeper than the front-end UI. Less than 30% of the value and efforts of enterprise mobility solutions are visible through mobile UI, rest lies under the surface like an iceberg. These under the surface things, like backend services and integrations, often create challenges for the enterprises and app developers in terms of [...]

Reimagining eLearning in the New Digital Age

Digital transformation is changing how we do business, work, socialize, collaborate, etc. Technology is disrupting a lot of traditional models and businesses. How is it changing the enterprise eLearning ecosystem? I have been witnessing the evolution of eLearning technologies for almost two decades, either as an active contributor or as an observer. Many new methods [...]

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