Why NLP is Your Right Partner for Content Discovery

Organizations today have a huge volume of learning content that continues to grow over time. It becomes nearly impossible to sift through huge amounts of videos, demonstrations, documents, manuals, and training guides, thereby increasing the complexity of learning management systems. Identifying the skill gaps of learners becomes a challenging task, and personalizing learning content is even more difficult to accomplish. Such nightmares inevitably result in low levels of learning engagement, negatively affecting the employee experience.

However, this is precisely where Natural Language Processing (NLP) addresses the problem. NLP is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables digital platforms to comprehend and interpret human language. It has been a game-changer over the past decade, shifting the focus of content discovery from simple keyword-based searches to user intent and keyword context. 

Rapidly growing global NLP market

$18.9 bn in 2023 to$68.1 bn by 2028

NLP global market growth projection


Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) during 2023-2028

NLP empowers users to express themselves naturally while enabling the platform to decipher their intent – not just based on keywords, but also considering factors like their search history and preferences. 

How has NLP-based search revolutionized content discovery?

Consider a learning platform with a distinctive feature that allows learners to browse an extensive range of content handpicked by other learners with similar interests. This frees them from the restrictions of traditional materials and predetermined courses. However, the sheer volume of content within the platform can overwhelm learners, as browsing for the most relevant materials is often time-consuming and inefficient. With the incorporation of NLP, it introduces a semantic search that returns results that are precisely tailored to learners’ queries. By considering previous learner searches, relevant articles, and related topics, an NLP-powered search enhances the overall learning experience by ensuring that learners find what they are truly pursuing.

NLP facilitates personalized learning

NLP transforms the learner experience by providing a personalized search experience and conversationally understanding the learner’s requirements and preferences. It refines search results through semantic understanding, ensuring relevance and engagement throughout the entire learning journey. Simultaneously, NLP monitors and analyzes the progress of the learner, providing insightful recommendations and individualized learning paths. This not only empowers learners, but also helps employers evaluate their employees, identify talent, and optimize resources. NLP is an invaluable instrument for learning and development because its collective effect improves the overall Return On Investment (ROI) for businesses.

Adeptus is committed to developing innovative learning solutions. In fact, many of the learning solutions we’ve created for our clients display aggregated program results through user-friendly charts and graphs on a dashboard, making interpretation simple for both learners and employers. This enhances performance evaluation and, consequently, returns on investment.

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NLP in content discovery has a long road to map….

Decisions, predictions, and data analysis are becoming more precise and intelligent. They can manage content discovery efficiently and effectively. Increasing numbers of businesses are recognizing this fundamental shift and incorporating NLP into their learning systems because it enables them to comprehend content better, resulting in wiser data analysis and decision-making.

NLP also contributes to an increase in employee confidence by enhancing their abilities and comprehension of essential content. Everyone within the organization becomes more valuable, and collaboration improves. The vast majority of NLP tools are cloud-based, meaning that they do not require a substantial amount of resources but are still highly effective.

Adeptus offers technology advisory services and innovative solutions to businesses that are looking to embrace emerging technologies. Learn more about us and see all the exciting projects we’ve done so far. We can also be reached at connect@adeptustech.com.

Authors: Pravin Kulange and Amit Kaveeshwar

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