The Age of Personalization: How Can You Leverage Technologies?

This year has been a year of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It has undoubtedly made significant headlines across multiple sectors – and corporate learning is no exception. Many organizations are using or planning to use AI for personalization, as it helps positively impact the employee experience. Integrating AI into learning management systems will soon be the norm, as it allows learners to focus and double down on their skill sets, saving them time and making learning more exciting during the course, AND empowering employers to supercharge their learning initiatives.

But in light of personalization, the conventional “one size fits all” approach often fails to hit the mark. In fact, a recent survey states that half the participants are unsatisfied with their employer’s learning and development initiatives, and an astounding 70% of employees feel unprepared for their positions.

Personalized learning journeys, powered by technology, tailor training to individuals’ specific needs and objectives, solving the drawbacks of conventional approaches. Here, Artificial Intelligence (AI), takes on the role of your personalized content curator. It learns from your previous choices and skillfully recommends courses, blogs, and articles that align with your interests. Meanwhile, data analytics plays the role of a detective, sifting through vast amounts of data to help AI understand your preferences even more accurately.

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These dynamic duos are reshaping the landscape of online learning. By diving into your interests, they provide tailored suggestions for courses, articles, and learning materials, making your learning journey more personalized, convenient, and engaging. Additionally, they serve as guardians, identifying and flagging fake and subpar content to ensure an enriching personalized learning journey.

At Adeptus, we leveraged the power of these technologies and created an LMS platform for one of our clients. The platform distinguishes itself by making learning not just personalized but also incredibly user-centric. It all begins with an in-depth analysis of individual learner behavior, by diving into the learner’s preferred courses/blogs/articles, allowing the platform to serve up tailor-made content recommendations that truly resonate with each user. However, the platform doesn’t stop at personalization. It takes a step further by suggesting courses based on skill assessments, providing a structured approach to skill development. This feature transforms the platform into more than just a content provider; it becomes a guide on the learner’s journey.

One of the platform’s standout features is its ability to connect users with content crafted by peers who share similar interests. This creates a vibrant sense of community and fosters collaboration, enriching the learning experience beyond measure. Furthermore, tracking progress and performance has never been more accessible, thanks to the user-friendly dashboards and intuitive charts offered by the platform. Whether it’s progress in HR, Marketing, or any other field, the platform provides a consolidated view so that learners can effortlessly monitor their growth and achievements.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Beyond the dynamic duo of AI and data analytics, a host of other technologies is ready to join the content discovery and personalization revolution. Picture machine learning as your content genie, refining recommendations based on your preferences. Natural Language Processing makes content searches as easy as having a chat with a friend, while blockchain ensures the safety of your personal data. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) whisk you away to immersive learning, and quantum computing turbocharges data processing for lightning-fast, pinpoint content suggestions.

Together, these technologies are poised to create a future where learning isn’t just personalized; it’s also incredibly exciting. The stage is set for a new era in learning where accessibility, effectiveness, and engagement reach unparalleled heights.

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Authors: Pravin Kulange and Amit Kaveeshwar

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