A few weeks ago, our team completed a fascinating project for one of our clients which really lays credence to the realization – how much Data Analytics has taken over learning. The goal of the project was actually pretty straightforward – to develop a comprehensive platform to assess and monitor the learning progress of newly appointed consultants in the organization. The client wanted to evaluate their capabilities by analyzing each consultant’s communication and collaboration behaviors, as well as their confidence in taking ownership of the assigned tasks. We managed it by grading each consultant in four aspects – communication, connections, solutions, and ownership. 

By using Data Analytics and Machine Learning, the platform diligently graded the consultants’ performance, generating comprehensive results that highlighted their strengths and areas for improvement. For instance, if a consultant fell short in the “connections” aspect, the platform would recommend additional courses or provide educating collateral to help them in excelling in that specific behavior.

Having worked in the field of LearnTech/L&D Tech for many years now, the nature of this project wasn’t entirely new to us. However, when we reviewed the platform as it was nearing completion, I found myself astounded at the degree of dependency we have on Data Analytics as well as the profound positive impact it has had on corporate learning.

Throughout the implementation of this platform, we witnessed the true potential of Data Analytics. I mean, not only did it streamline the evaluation process, but it also provided personalized guidance to nurture the professional development of each consultant, ultimately enhancing their productivity and value add to the team. In many ways, I think the impact of this platform extends far beyond the individual level, and will definitely prove to be a powerful tool in the organization’s arsenal.

The point of this story is that by carefully examining the outcomes, our client gained invaluable additional insights into the effectiveness of this program and was able to identify focus areas for improvement for each consultant. This enabled them to better support and empower their consultants, fostering a culture of continuous growth and development. And that’s exactly what most businesses today are in pursuit of! The fact that Data Analytics worked so well in this project was a clear sign that it has a lot of promise to change the way individuals do their jobs and make them more effective as a team.

I recently talked about measuring learning effectiveness and how self-assessments must evolve in the wake of transformative technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality. Building on it, I know data Analytics is crucial not just for measuring the effectiveness but also enhancing the effectiveness of a learning program, especially in the modern corporate workplace. From personalized learning and predictive analytics to data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement, Data Analytics is full of potential that answers almost all the demands of modern corporate learning.

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Authors: @PravinKulange and @AmitKaveeshwar