Experience Personalized Learner Journeys with Adaptive Learning

Historically, organizations have relied on a lecture-based, one-size-fits-all model of learning environment, which rarely yielded the expected outcomes. But in today’s age, personalized learning has taken center stage. To build skills and nurture relationships, organizations tailor their learning environments to each learner based on their personal likes and strengths. And while there are more than a couple of ways to incorporate personalization, Adaptive Learning triumphs over them.

What exactly is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive Learning refers to providing personalized learning experiences that take into account learners’ strengths, weaknesses, goals, and how they engage with the learning material, achieved through real-time feedback, tailored pathways, and appropriate resources. Adaptive Learning employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tailor learning materials to the specific needs of each individual. This learner-centric approach to corporate learning is brought to life by incorporating concepts from cognitive science, machine learning, predictive analytics, and educational theory.

How is Adaptive Learning different from the traditional LMS approach?

Many organizations today prioritize the development of their employees through learning and development courses, recognizing that enhanced skills lead to improved productivity. Consider two contrasting scenarios, both leveraging a Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

In the first scenario, the organization offers a traditional LMS platform with predefined courses applicable to employees at various positions. However, in this rigid structure, every employee, regardless of their skill gaps, is required to complete the same learning material. This results in hindered professional development, leading to frustration and demotivation among learners.The second organization embraces an innovative approach. Their LMS platform, upon enrollment, gathers essential information about the learners, such as their name, position, age, area of expertise, and interests. This platform employs Adaptive Learning, harnessing the power of sophisticated algorithms and AI to analyze learner data and provide personalized learning experiences. This leads to enhanced skill development and job performance while increasing motivation and engagement among learners.

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By presenting content that aligns with individual interests and strengths, Adaptive Learning maximizes motivation and enjoyment throughout the learning process. As a result, learners receive instruction that is finely tuned to their unique strengths and weaknesses, significantly enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of their learning experience.

Furthermore, this approach doesn’t just benefit learners; it also has a positive impact on employers. Leveraging Adaptive Learning helps organizations in developing learning material like blogs, articles, and courses, that resonate with learners’ preferences, creating a highly engaging and motivating learning experience. Adaptive learning enhances the efficiency of evaluating employee performance, as it provides insights into each individual’s progress and areas of improvement. This not only helps employees grow but also contributes to increased organizational productivity.

Trust is paramount!

As adaptive learning becomes more mainstream, it is essential to resolve ethical issues around it. This involves ensuring algorithmic transparency, promoting equity to prevent discrimination, enhancing inclusiveness for diverse learners, protecting data privacy, granting user control, establishing accountability, and more. These ethical considerations will be crucial for fostering trust and ensuring an equitable application of adaptive learning. 

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Authors: Pravin Kulange and Amit Kaveeshwar

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