An organization is a group of people working towards a common goal. Businesses spend Millions into acquiring software that must increase productivity and quicken the response to customer needs. Why then is there always a nagging feeling that something more needs to be done?

That something is what people crave and packaged software can’t capture it all. To be fair, packaged software already does a lot of good things but they need to be widely usable across domains and customer segments. Therein lies the epiphany.

Every group has a unique need, an individual desire, a unsurmountable want to do better than what they already do. Isn’t that the basis of all human endeavor? Customization is key to the answer. We are all different and enterprises need to identify that in all aspects of their operations and business plans.

There is no magic bullet that suffices all. There is though, “the” bullet for every respective organization or social organism. It has to do with complying to individual business, its needs and its people.

So go on and acquire that enterprise software but know that customization is what would make it all work seamlessly for the groups within. A vast amount of intel is available in functions such as sales, marketing, inventory, production, learning and development, finance, etc. and no single cure can be administered like a broad spectrum vaccine. The treatment is individualistic in its approach in terms of diagnosis of the needs catering to growth (individual or organizational).

We talk to a lot of enterprises and always come back with some common grouses like

  • How to deal with multiple systems?
  • Where can our customers interact with us in a way thats almost natural and needs no hoops to jump?
  • How to have access to information stored in silos?
  • How to analyse productivity from a single interface that cuts across various silos?
  • How to provide access into these diverse systems through a convenient, exciting, user friendly and engaging mechanism?
  • What can be done to share data for an individual across these systems to make movement and lateral growth easier to attain?

There are many such questions. People like us at Adeptus try to uncover the not-so-obvious possibilities by not having to overhaul existing software ecosystems and to provide feasible, practical, implementable specialized solution unique to each business and their individual needs of people, processes and functions.

May be “people” need to speak up and give their opinions on what would increase their productivity. After all thats what the business wants, right? Growth, profitability and increased productivity per person.

Image: bloomberg