Boost your Learners’ Experience Through Gaming Elements

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape where content consumption is on the rise, gamification is a powerful strategy for enhancing learning programs and improving knowledge retention. I mean, just think about it – gamification offers a range of enticing rewards like points, badges, and even elements of chance. These “virtual cheerleaders” constantly motivate learners to give their best. Many organizations are still realizing that it’s not just about checking off boxes in a learning program; it’s about creating an immersive experience that grabs learners’ attention and keeps them hooked throughout their learning journey.

But I do agree that gamification today goes beyond rewards and badges. It’s about seamlessly blending engagement, motivation, and enjoyment to transform the learning journey into a captivating adventure that learners simply can’t resist. And the evidence speaks for itself – studies have revealed an astonishing 60% increase in employee engagement when gamification training features are implemented. Unlike traditional methods that struggle to captivate and maintain interest, gamification turns the learning journey into an interactive and thrilling experience. Learners become active participants, diving deeper into the subject matter, resulting in enhanced knowledge retention and a deeper understanding.

Let me share an example of how gamification can revolutionize the learning experience. Adeptus recently introduced a gamified LXP program for a client, targeting their newly hired consultants. 

Right from the beginning, the platform was designed to captivate and engage learners. Upon signing up, consultants were greeted with an interactive page that felt like stepping into a virtual wonderland. Each section of the program was represented by captivating “dots,” urging learners to embark on their learning adventure. But that’s not all! The platform took engagement to the next level by cleverly labeling case studies as thrilling “missions.” Imagine the excitement and motivation it sparked.

The personalized dashboards became every learner’s best friend, offering a comprehensive overview of their activities, including learner graphs, connections, and scheduled meetings. It acted as a reliable companion, keeping learners on track and boosting their sense of progress and achievement. By seamlessly integrating gamification elements within the themed LXP, we created an immersive environment. Challenges, solutions, and rewards were skillfully woven into the program’s fabric. It went beyond making learning enjoyable; it fostered healthy competition, teamwork, skill improvement, and collaboration among participants.

It’s even more exciting that it’s not the end of the road. I’m incredibly excited about the future of gamification in LXPs, where technologies like AI and VR take center stage. VR’s immersive experience can captivate learners like never before, while game elements create engaging and fulfilling learning programs. With AI, we personalize the learning journey to meet individual needs. It’s an exhilarating adventure we simply can’t afford to miss!

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Authors: @PravinKulange and @AmitKaveeshwar

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