Why Enterprises Need a Clear Mobile Strategy

Mobile Apps go deeper than the front-end UI. Less than 30% of the value and efforts of enterprise mobility solutions are visible through mobile UI, rest lies under the surface like an iceberg. These under the surface things, like backend services and integrations, often create challenges for the enterprises and app developers in terms of [...]

Creating Value for the Enterprise with Existing Software Ecosystems

An organization is a group of people working towards a common goal. Businesses spend Millions into acquiring software that must increase productivity and quicken the response to customer needs. Why then is there always a nagging feeling that something more needs to be done? That something is what people crave and packaged software can’t capture [...]

Reimagining eLearning in the New Digital Age

Digital transformation is changing how we do business, work, socialize, collaborate, communicate, etc. Technology is disrupting lot of traditional models and businesses. It is interesting to see how it is changing the way we learn, specifically in the enterprise context. I have been witnessing the evolution in eLearning technologies since last 15 years, either as [...]

The Curious Case of Smartwatch: How It Will Change Things?

Smartwatches are attracting lot of attention this year. We have seen interesting product launches so far and the competition is intensifying by each passing day. Finally there are smartwatches that consumers would want to buy and there is no doubt that this space will be abuzz with lot of activity. It will be interesting to [...]